4th of July 4th of Holiday Ideas for Your Party

The first step to throwing a great 4th of July bash is to think big

Many communities and families around the nation cancelled their 4th of July festivities last year because of the deadly hurricanes that swept through the mid-section of the United States, but this year looks promising for an extended return to more traditional summer living. That means your 4th of July party this year has to be doubly fun. The first step to throwing a great 4th of July bash is to think big; not only in terms of where you are holding the party but what kind of entertainment you are planning. There are some fun things that kids can do at a 4th of July bash that adults will enjoy as well.

One of the best 4th of July activities is to make sure that there are plenty of hot dogs and hamburgers available for guests to eat outside on the grill. If your children get together and decide to go camping, you can easily make burgers and hot dogs out of newspaper, leaves, and grass and then cook them up on the grill. If the kids are older, they might enjoy making floats for the water, making kite airplanes and other fun crafts, or even better, making doo bags with old clothes and straw. These fun activities will keep the kids occupied for quite a while and everyone will have a great time.

American Flags online or buy one in any craft store

Another fun 4th of July activity is to go to a construction site near your home on the evening of the 4th of July and blow up a giant American flag. You can find American Flags online or buy one in any craft store. Have all the kids stand at attention and blow the flags up one at a time. This can also be a great family project if you decide to sew an America in a bag patch on their college clothing.

One more fun 4th of July scavenger hunt idea is to make a list of all the people you need to invite to the party, and then set out some cans of pennies with a dollar sign on them, and have the kids create a sign with a dollar bill on it and hold it above their heads while they are making their list. This is sure to bring out the patriotism in many kids. You can also decorate the house with American Flags, cut out American stars and stripes, and stencil up the steps to the house with red paint.

July 4th holiday also egg party

The fourth of the July 4th holiday is not one of the national holidays that you will see in the middle of the Fourth of July. It is called the Egg Party. This is a great idea for kids to have fun at their grandparents house. It is really simple to make. All you need to do is to take some eggs and some paint and you have a very unique party decoration. There are a few different ideas that you can try for this party that will be sure to make your grandparents happy.

You can use an egg carton to make a very pretty Fourth of July cake that you can top with red and white frosting and some American flags to round out the decorations. The kids will love this fun 4th of July cake that they can take home after the party. They will love to get a free pass to go visit with their grandparents and Grandma on the Fourth of July. After the party, they can make homemade thank you notes to everyone that gave them a gift or paid for their dinner. So take a few moments to look over the 4th of July holiday information and find some great 4th of July 4th holiday ideas that your kids and your guests will enjoy.

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