Authentic Japanese Samurai Swords

The History of Japanese Samurai Swords

The Tachi sword is one of the most popular and most well known Japanese swords. Not only an impressive masterpiece of form and function, a samurai sword was also considered part of the soul of the samurai and would usually be passed down from generation to generation within a family member’s lineage. When the blade began to get damaged or the hilt began to break, a new, fresh one would soon be commissioned in its place. The Tachi sword has played an important part in Japanese culture and has many legends attached to it as a result of its interesting history.

In the feudal Japan samurai swords were absolutely essential. They were used for many things such as: battle and defense; warfare and offense; for cutting and thrusting; and for many other uses. Because of their multifaceted purposes, many different types of blades were used which led to many different designs and appearances of blades throughout the years. As time progressed, each blade design became more standardized, which made it simpler for blade makers in the country to mass produce.

the sword tightly and effectively hold the weapon

The Katana is a slightly curved sword designed to cut through opponents or other objects and is one of the most recognizable swords in Japanese history. Most of the time you will see a single-edged blade of about two to three inches long used by Samurai warriors. Each individual samurai had a unique handle, and each had a particular style of using the sword blade. The Katana sword, much like many other samurai swords, had a scabbard attached to the handle that contained special fittings that would enable the user to grip the sword tightly and effectively hold the weapon. The curvature of the blade required that the user had to have a strong wrist and arm strength to wield.

These curvature and unique handle designs were later adopted by Chinese military forces in what came to be known as the saber or spear swords. Some saber swords were later adopted from the Japanese martial arts as well. saber swords have been known to be used in tournaments and are used to show an opponent’s skill in using the weapon. Today, some of these swords are still used as weapons in military forces.

Collecting authentic samurai

Some people collect solely for the design and rarity of the blades, while others enjoy collecting the actual blades themselves. It is not uncommon to find people who take an interest in both the quality of the materials that are used to make the swords and the techniques that a swordsmith used to create them. Whether you enjoy collecting Japanese swords or the actual swords themselves, it can be an interesting hobby.

If you are looking for a beautiful collectible Japanese sword, you may want to consider the addition of a Japanese sword sheath. A Japanese sword sheath will add an additional touch of detail to your collectible sword, as well as giving you the ability to display your sword at a display cabinet or on a shelf. Many people do not realize that displaying their Japanese swords can take up quite a bit of space. A customized sword case will allow you to showcase your Japanese sword as you wish, while protecting the blade at the same time.

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