can business improve its energy consumption?

How Business Can Improve Its Energy Consumption

Improving Business Energy Consumption can be done by any business owner. And it’s easier than you think. It will save you money and help the environment. The first step to improving your company’s energy consumption is to understand it. And a good first step is to start with one of the following options.


Switch to an energy retailer.

An energy retailer offers electricity and gas combined into one affordable monthly rate. By doing this your household will be eligible for the government’s “green business energy” program. For example, if you use an energy-efficient light bulb then you will also be eligible to take advantage of a tax credit on your electricity or natural gas bill. So, not only are you improving the environment, but you’re also saving yourself a lot of money.


Switch to an energy offsetting company.

An energy offsetting program involves using the cost savings you get from your energy-efficient equipment, which saves you money on your energy bills, offset carbon emissions that would have been emitted by your business and get you on the road to being an energy-efficient company. When you switch to an offsetting program your carbon emissions offset will be offset at a local offset facility in the US. This will offset the carbon dioxide, sulfur oxide, nitrous oxide, and other greenhouse gases that you emit. Each offset facility has its offset price, which you’ll need to find out before committing.


Switch to an energy-certified vendor.

Some companies offer certificates of participation (CO PB). This type of certificate is good for five years. These certificates are good for reducing your carbon emissions and as a result helping your company become an energy-efficient corporation.


Switch to an energy-efficient installer.

Most people aren’t aware of how energy efficient their electrical service provider is. If you’re going to reduce the amount of electricity you use and help your company be more energy-efficient, talk to your current electrician about certifying you with energy certificates.


Use the power of a good energy audit.

You can use a standard or an independent energy audit to help you determine how you’re consuming electricity and where the consumption is going. An audit may not be enough. In addition, many companies offer energy-efficient business energy deals. If you want to increase your efforts to become more energy efficient talk to your utility company about getting you an energy audit.

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