How Does Your Gas Bill Affect You?

affordable and reliable source of energy

With an ever-increasing demand for energy, the use of gas in homes and offices has steadily risen. As with many other things, there are good reasons to be using gas as a more affordable and reliable source of energy. As well as being the cleaner fuel, gas also offers some major environmental advantages over other alternative fossil fuels such as coal. Mainly due to its mineral simplicity, gas is by far the most efficient burning of fossil fuels, leaving very little carbon emissions to be concerned about.

One of the major reasons why it’s becoming so popular is that it is much cleaner than fossil fuels (coal and oil). It is estimated that over 80% of the co2 emissions released from burning fossil fuels come from the burning of gas in a power station. Also when combusted, gas produces very little carbon monoxide, or nitrogen oxide. These two gases are the most prominent causes of major respiratory problems such as asthma and allergies, both of which are highly prevalent in modern times, and which have become even more dangerous in the light of increased global pollution levels.

consumers energy bills

The increased use of gas in homes and offices has lead to an increase in its cost, with higher bills for both domestic and industrial consumers. As a direct result, consumers energy bills have also increased over the last few years. Gas prices have fluctuated considerably over the past few years, with some areas having higher prices than others. However, in recent months and years it has been reported that prices have decreased, and are expected to fall in the near future. While this may come as a shock to many, especially gas usage has actually been decreasing over the last few years as gas prices have steadily increased, especially in developed countries.

With so much more usage now being done around the home, especially in the home, consumers are now finding that they need to pay much more to keep their homes warm and comfortable, as well as keep heating bills down. The high price of natural gas combined with rising fuel bills means that more people are finding it difficult to pay their monthly bills. Many have turned to using alternative forms of energy such as solar power, or have chosen to attempt to cut their heating bills by replacing older inefficient appliances with more modern and friendly ones, such as the electric kettle and electric freezers. While these methods can reduce the bill, many consumers are still finding that the increase in their monthly gas bill makes it harder to make ends meet.

gas usage and high gas bills

In order to help reduce the rising gas usage and high gas bills that so many households are experiencing, the government has introduced some initiatives in an attempt to bring down the rising bills. One of the most notable of these is the Biomass Act. This legislation aims to introduce a tax on those who burn wood for warmth in their homes and also encourages those who generate their own green power to create and produce excess electricity for use at home. However, it is important to note that the Biomass Act only applies to British citizens and is not an obligation for those living in other countries.

It has also been revealed in the recent past that many of the largest energy users in Britain are paying far more than necessary to keep their premises warm. Among these is E.ON who are spending about twice as much as required to keep their premises comfortable as a direct result of their excessive use of gas in their boilers. As a direct result, millions of homes across England and Wales are left cold and uninviting which has, in turn, has had a significant impact on the surrounding communities. This in turn has led to a call for a review of the high cost per therm in the UK which unfortunately seems to only be affecting one sector and that is the gas usage of E.ON.

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