how to avoid high water bills?

Fight Water Bills – Don’t Pay Much Water Bill

Water bills can be hard to understand and especially difficult for consumers to recognize, especially because of so many more sophisticated, but still very basic water billing structures that they get progressively more complicated every passing day. Ask an individual what are the cost of a gallon of gas today and they reply in several seconds, and surprisingly enough, are pretty much close to what they would actually pay at their neighborhood gas station. The truth is that most of us don’t even understand half of what our water bill indicates, and this is not by accident. Water companies know exactly what the public needs to know about water billing, and have taken great lengths to ensure the consumer fully comprehends it.


Take for example how simple it is to understand

the purpose behind water billing in Chicago. The city of Chicago was recently rated as one of the most wasteful American cities. A staggering number of Chicagoans were wasting water through their city’s water distribution pipes, and it was obvious that something had to change. Luckily, the solution was right in front of them all the time. Most importantly, the solution came from the people that monitor and test every single home in Chicago.


A group of dedicated citizens who call themselves “Chi-Kildee Watch”

made it their mission to educate the general public about the ridiculous amounts of water bills that their neighbors were paying. With their motto “Quality is our People’s Rep”, they made every effort to educate the general public about their rights as citizens and to fight for the preservation of their low-income families. Unfortunately, their efforts were in vain. Unfortunately, they fell just short of actually having Congress give them the funds that they needed to save neighborhoods like theirs from certain destruction. But, they did make an impact nonetheless.


Chicago residents were able to fight back

by putting up a stink of ingenuity against water bills. In the end, they got what they wanted; a three percent cut to the city’s water rates. Residents of Chicago can now take advantage of the convenience fee credit, along with the low-income housing tax credit and the bi-fold meter billing system. This way, they can not only get a break on their water bills, but they also get a break on their trash and recycling as well. They got all this, without sacrificing affordable housing, affordable health care, or affordable food.


While many residents of Chicago feel that water charges

are unnecessary, the city’s mayor and thelder are unmoved. It is believed that a one-quarter foot hike in the cost of city water will help the city’s residents save up to five hundred thousand dollars a year. However, a quarter-foot hike will hardly make a difference because it will only account for the convenience fee that most people pay for using the city’s water distribution pipes.


In essence, the entire process of paying for a water bill

through a meter, read-outs may not make much sense anymore. With this, it is clear that the city must find other means to raise revenues. With that said, they are already making moves to improve the quality of their services by improving the trash and recycling collection process. Also, officials state that they are working on ways to make the billing process more transparent.

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