How to Compare Business Energy Suppliers

What makes a good Business Energy Supplier?

Business Energy Suppliers is a crucial aspect to any modern enterprise. They are what makes our businesses run smoothly and we all know what can become of them if they don’t get it right. It is important for all businesses to have their own business energy suppliers, as without them we would be left with nothing to power our business operations and we would all suffer the consequences. So what types of Business Energy Suppliers do you need to choose from?

There are a number of different suppliers out there, but the main six big business energy suppliers are the following: E-On, British Gas, Scottish Power, EDF Energy, Power, and Scottish & Southern Energy (SES). Among these, E-On is probably one of the more popular and is contained in the Big Six along with brands like British Gas, nPower and Scottish Power. Also included in this list are EDF Energy and EDF. Both of these suppliers have met the terms set by the UK’s energy regulator, the Energywatch. As well as being registered with the FSA, they have also signed up to an international programme, the Code of Conduct, which sets out how their suppliers can operate. This also means that they must provide a quality service to their customers, so E-On and the other big six are among the best around.

always worth checking around before committing to anything

Another important question when looking for your Business Energy Suppliers is whether they will supply you with a tailored tariff. A tailored tariff is one which meets your particular needs and which gives you the best value for money. A lot of energy suppliers will offer a ‘bundle’ deal, meaning that they will take care of you from initial setup through to the end of your contract, but by taking on the additional work for yourself, you can often achieve a better deal than this. The suppliers who offer tailor made tariffs tend to be larger, more reputable companies, so it’s always worth checking around before committing to anything.

One way of comparing business energy suppliers is to check out their websites and get an idea of how much they cost and what their rates are likely to be. If you live in an area where gas prices are rising rapidly then it might pay to switch your gas supplier. These energy suppliers are able to offer good deals to businesses because they have little overhead and so pass on the savings to their clients. If you want to know which are the cheapest suppliers of electricity and gas to run your business then you should read a consumer guide to electricity suppliers first. This will give you an indication of who the major players are in this field and what each one offers.

choosing an energy supplier

Another way of comparing business energy suppliers is to call them up. Ofgem is the body that regulates the UK energy market and all energy suppliers must adhere to Ofgem guidelines when it comes to providing service to customers. Many suppliers offer quotes over the phone so it can be worthwhile taking the time to see what they offer. Ofgem also offers valuable advice when it comes to choosing an energy supplier and helping you choose the best deal for your company. You can also get valuable information on the energy efficiency ratings of different suppliers.

Ofgem has an online enquiry form which can be used by businesses to ask any questions that they may have. It’s a good idea to use this process rather than relying on phone calls as there can be many problems that can arise during a telephone conversation and of course, Ofgem does not guarantee that their services are any cheaper on the telephone. If you use their online query system then it can cut down on the amount of time you spend phoning up energy suppliers.

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