How To Use Instagram To Promote Your Small Businesses?

Using Instagram To Promote Your Small Businesses

Although many small businesses realize that sales do not happen overnight, you can continue to improve your company’s bottom line. So what if doing an Instagram competition is just too overwhelming? Well, to start with, let us see if running an Instagram competition is even worthwhile for your business. The answer varies from person to person and there are many things to consider before jumping in. However, to save you some time, here are a few things that should be considered:


What is your end goal 

Do you want to promote your products? Do you want to build new followers? Perhaps you would like to build a network of potential customers? Your end goal should guide all the decisions you make regarding the size of your prize pool and prizes for the contest itself.


How will you track results? 

A proven way to judge the results of your competition is by judging it based on the number of participants. Many small businesses choose to set up a blog and track results through paid advertising and search engine optimization. This is the first contest option that most people think about, however, it is very ineffective. There are better options that allow you to know how your product performs against those of other companies, as well as provide some insight into how users use your product.


How will you handle payment? 

If you are planning on holding official Instagram sweepstakes, you need to charge a subscription fee to ensure that your content actually works. Small businesses that do not charge subscription fees often invite participants to opt-in through Facebook or Google+. Sending out regular updates and coupons is also another effective way to attract participants. Some have also found success through emailing existing users as well as sending out an official announcement via snail mail. If your small businesses do not charge subscription fees, they should be able to find a way to secure some sort of sponsorship to offer prize incentives.


Post shared internet links to your Instagram contests 

Another option that many small businesses find helpful for promoting their products is posting links to their products on their business website’s social media profiles. If you have a blog, you should also incorporate a link in your website, emails, and even your social media profiles. Creating links to your Instagram page is easy to do and should be considered even if you cannot change your website’s layout. This option allows you to use social media to promote and draw participants to participate in your contests.


There are many other ways to market your small businesses online

without spending any money. However, there are benefits to holding contests and other promotional events. For one, contests allow you to see how other businesses use the concept to gain leads and traffic. You can also test new ideas and strategies without having to spend a large amount of money. If you plan on holding more contests in the future, you should look into ways to automate the process so you do not have to worry about manually inviting potential participants each time. Just make sure to clearly define the rules so there are no problems.

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