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How To Wear Contact Lenses For The First Time

It can be daunting to wear contact lenses for the first time. However, these lenses are actually easy to wear. There are a few steps to follow to ensure that your contact lenses are inserted correctly and are safe to wear. Before you can wear your new contact lens, you should first wash your hands. Raise your upper eyelid and look down. Next, use your non-dominant hand to pull down the lower eyelid. Slide your index finger up and down the lens. Pinch it gently to remove it.

Start By Lining Them Up With Your Eye

If this is your first time wearing contact lenses, you should start by lining them up with your eye. When putting your contacts in, you should make sure that the bottom edge is the white part of the eye. Your eyelid should be positioned slightly higher than the bottom edge. After that, the top edge should form a “U” shape. If the contact is too high, you may have a problem with the fit or the surface of the eye.

Basic Steps Of Contact Lens Insertion

Once you’ve got a good grasp of the basic steps of contact lens insertion, you can move on to more advanced steps. For starters, start with the same eye. A habit of starting with the same eye will help prevent you from mixing up your lenses. Be sure to keep your fingernails trimmed and clean. This will prevent the contact lens from getting into your eyes and harming your vision. You should also avoid soaking your contact lenses in solution if you’re allergic to it.

Always Use Clean Fingernails

After you’ve put your contact lenses in, apply your eye makeup. Remember, your fingers are a harbor for germs and dirt. So, always use clean fingernails and avoid touching your eye with your nails. You’ll be surprised how dirty and dangerous these can be to your contacts. In fact, even the most meticulous contact lens wearer will accidentally scratch the lens while trying to apply makeup. And never forget to apply your contacts with care and safety!

Essential To Remember To Wash Their Hands

For starters, it’s essential to remember to wash their hands before putting their contacts into their eyes. It’s important to avoid touching their eyes with their hands while wearing contact lenses. This will prevent bacteria from getting into your eye and causing an infection. Keeping your fingers clean will help prevent these problems. In addition, you’ll need to keep your fingernails trimmed to avoid scratching the lenses.

In Summary

Putting in contact lenses is not difficult, but it can be difficult if you are new to the process. During the first few days, you should wear the lens for at least one hour. Then, you can gradually increase the time you spend wearing the contacts. It’s important to keep the lens in the same position as your fingernails. This way, you won’t end up mixing up your contact lenses and damaging your eyes.

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