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Why Is Natural Gas Expensive?

With natural gas prices skyrocketing, many are asking, “Is natural gas expensive?” The answer can confidently say, is yes. In truth, it’s actually not so expensive at all! When compared with crude oil and propane, both of the other common fuel alternatives in the United States, natural gases actually share cost-effectiveness by a very small margin! This makes natural gas an excellent choice if you are looking to save money on fuel costs.


Several factors go into determining how much natural gas

you will need. In general, it is more expensive to produce than coal and oil, as well as less plentiful in some areas. Certain types of geology also favor natural gas production, such as tight rock formations and mountainous regions. However, these factors do not account for the high cost of producing it, as there have been many technological advances in recent years that make current supplies of natural gas very affordable.


Before we look at “Is natural gas expensive?”

it is necessary to first understand exactly what natural gas is. This particular gas, which is produced from the earth’s crust and has been utilized for a long time, is actually an organic compound consisting mainly of methane and carbon dioxide. When gas is trapped underground for a long period of time, a substance called methane begins to build up which can then be utilized for energy. As methane is the most commonly available gas on our planet, this proves to be an extremely economical resource. While methane itself does not cost anything per gram, the cost of extracting this gas from the earth’s crust is what drives up the price.


Another way of thinking about the question

“Is natural gas expensive?” is to look at the ways we are currently using oil and other fossil fuels to operate our civilization. Just consider the amount of crude oil that is used to produce transportation fuels, as well as the number of cars that are on the roadways throughout the United States. All of these cars use oil, and most of them run on oil refined by companies like Exxon, which is headquartered in Texas. There is no doubt that using oil in this way is highly inefficient, and could be significantly less detrimental to our ecosystem than the use of coal or other forms of fossil fuel.


The process of extracting oil and other fossil fuels

from the earth can also prove to be much more harmful to the environment if we continue to use them. While it would seem logical to think that the extraction of these fuels would leave behind cleaner earth for us to inhabit, the evidence shows us otherwise. The earth’s waters are being polluted with the byproducts of the natural gas and oil we extract from the earth, and this has led to a rise in acidity levels in many areas. Some have even been damaged so severely that they will not be inhabitable any longer.


If the natural gas leak that occurred in Los Angeles

was to continue unchecked, we could see an environmental disaster. A huge blow to the economy and instability in the Middle East may be in the works. Will we ever learn? Will, we ever come to terms with the damage that we have inflicted on our planet? Perhaps not.

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