The National Flag: It’s Positioning and Display

The American flag is a symbol of the United States of America

Properly handling a flag is essential if you want to ensure the maximum effectiveness of your flag. Learn some important flag etiquette and skills so that you can ensure the safety and well being of your flag.

The American flag must always be displayed from the highest point, which is normally the union, to the left and in front. If the flag is to be hoisted into an airplane, the flag must be hoisted with the Union pointing towards the flag carrier and with the right side up. A flag flown upside down however, can still be flown, provided the flag is not displayed upside down when it is not actually hoisted into the air. It is also important for the flag not to be displayed upside down through the use of poles, because the flag will lose its union and the design.

All dropped flag material must be covered

When the flag is lowered, it must first be hoisted to the same height as when it was first brought down. It is never advisable to leave the hoist or the flag unattended, as leaving them will result in an accident. Any dropped flag must be replaced without delay. Do not allow the flag to touch the ground during transport. All dropped flag material must be covered and stored securely until it is returned.

Another important flag etiquette rule is never to display the flag upside down. Doing so can cause serious damage to the flag and can also reduce the chances of it being properly flown at any future events. Some people believe that displaying the flag upside down is allowed when it is being flown for mourning family members. In fact, many local laws prohibit the display of the flag this way. If the flag is not being displayed upside down, it should be displayed upright. This is also important on Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

very common and is displayed properly on all days of the year

It is not appropriate to display the flag in a lowered position within the U.S. When it is lowered, the union should face the north. When it is raised, the union should face the south. Even though it may seem contradictory to some people’s rules, it is actually very common and is displayed properly on all days of the year.

The American flag is a symbol of pride for all Americans and is a great way to show support for our country. Although the practice of lowering and raising the flag may seem silly to some, it does represent many values and traditions that are beneficial to our nation. If you have questions about how and when you should raise or lower the flag, there are numerous resources on the web that explain it thoroughly. So, no matter whether you are flying an American flag, a union jack, a pennant, or a national blue flag, know your laws before displaying it.

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