uses and benefits of the Defense Body Armor

How To Protect Yourself With Defense Body Armor

There are many uses and benefits of the Defense Body Armor for an individual who is considering a personal self-defense item. Defense Body Armor is designed for the individual who is required to carry a legal concealed weapon for any reason, whether it is peace of mind or a need for protection from the law enforcement officer. This type of body armor should be worn during any authorized without being pulled out of your pocket.


The three restrictions are

Body Armor is illegal in all 50 states if you have been charged with a felony. It is also illegal to ship any Defense Body Armor to a civilian. Defense Body Armor is also not meant for criminals. Any unauthorized person who is arrested using this product will be arrested for felonious charges. This includes anyone who possesses any kind of ammunition, including paintball guns, rifled cartridges or other ammunition, or any other articles used to discharge a firearm.


Defense Body Armor is comprised of a steel plate

that is commonly referred to as a hard plate. The material contains gas-filled compartments between the plates which create a physical barrier to protect the wearer from bullets or other projectiles. This is similar to what military soldiers, police officers, and others wear. When an authorized individual removes the protective clothing, like pants and jacket, they expose the steel armor plate and this creates an immediate threat to their safety.


Other benefits include protection

from cutting injuries, abrasions, cuts and scratches, burns and tears as well as stopping bullet penetration. The design of the Defense Body Armor creates a thicker, hard outer layer and a softer inner layer of padding. Many people state that the difference in these products is the armor plates are placed in such a way that the softer inner layer stops penetrating the soft ballistic nylon plate.


Defense Body Armor was designed for both police officers and military members

With advances in technology, it’s no surprise that this modern creation is available at such a reasonable price. Many individuals do not realize that these vests can be customized to fit the size, shape, and color of the individual. Some companies even offer different colored linings that have been specially created for certain sizes. Most of the manufacturers of this product also offer a choice of interchangeable linings so that the individual doesn’t have to purchase new soft body armor whenever the existing one needs to be replaced.


Defense Body Armor

is perfect for everyday life as a protection for our police officers and military personnel. Because of its affordability, it is a worthy investment for anyone who wants to provide added security and protection for themself their es, family members, and their possessions. Individuals can choose the size, design, and color of the body armor vest that best fits their needs and budget. While shopping for this type of body armor, it’s important to remember that quality products provide better results and more durability than less expensive soft body armor.

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