what is contruction cradles?

Construction Cradles For Easy Work Platform

Suspended metal platforms are very widely used in various forms of construction. The common success of such construction cradles lies in their portability and their ease of installation, amongst which to mention some of the key benefits: Ease of erecting. These types of platforms can be erected very easily, unlike the wooden and steel platforms which need to be built up one by one. This would entail additional costs and delay in the process.


These construction cradles are easy to install and take less time to erect as compared to the other forms of platforms. They also require a lesser amount of equipment during their erection as compared to the rest. They can be erected at the required place very easily and without much trouble. The only possible problem in the initial stage could be the positioning of the suspension wire ropes, as they can not be installed very close to each other as the wires may get entangled when placed too close.

Different Kinds of Construction Cradles.

There are different types of construction cradles available for different kinds of jobs like high altitude work, rescue operations, maintenance, welding, earthmoving, timber work, etc. They are available in different shapes, sizes, and colors, all designed and manufactured with utmost perfection and sophistication for ensuring maximum safety, versatility, and ease of use.

Many Benefits of Using Suspended Platforms.

Apart from being lightweight and portable, these types of construction cradles offer several other benefits that make them highly useful. One of the best advantages of using a suspended platform is that it is space-saving and requires less space. This makes them ideal for use in many places where there is limited space like inside huge buildings, ships, dams, silos, tall trees, and many more. In addition to that, these cradles offer another advantage as they can be used without disturbing the soil or doing any kind of disturbing process like digging or breaking the floor of the place where you want to set it. All you have to do is simply set the cradle in the desired position and lift it by using a crane.

Several Types of Construction Cradles.

Other than just providing a platform to lift on, these construction cradles are also made with different types of features. Most of them come with an overhead beam that offers easy installation and removal. Some of them also feature automatic brakes, which are used for controlling the movement of the platform. Moreover, all these features make them highly flexible to use and are very beneficial for the user.

Maintenance and Repair.

Another great advantage of using a construction cradle is its easy and affordable maintenance and repair features. Since these scaffolds are not anchored to any particular place and are always placed outside, they don’t pose any problem during the moving and positioning process. They also require little or no maintenance and repair, making them the best choice for any type of work platform.

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