what is Samurai Wakizashi?

The Samurai Wakizashi

Samurai Wakizashi, also known as Samurai Sword, is a Japanese sword designed for cutting during combat. Samurai warriors would use this weapon to perform as an extension of their bodies. Samurai warriors would use this sword for various tasks during war. This weapon is also referred to as the “blade of the samurai”. This is a very important word because it could be counted as one of the most important martial arts weapons in the history of Japan.


Samurai Wakizashi was only known to the samurai

as a means of cutting food during the time of Japan’s feudal rule. However, as time passed by, the role of the Samurai Sword evolved into more of a weapon that could also perform other functions such as ceremony, as well as in the form of a concealed weapon. The Samurai Sword is designed with a distinct blade contour, which is called the “Hamon” in Japanese. A longer version of the Hamon is the “Rakkudan”, which is three times the length of the blade.


The basic construction of the Samurai Wakizashi

which is also known as Japanese Steel Katana, is based on a single piece of iron. The handle of the wakizashi sword is made from high carbon steel. The design of the handle also features a wrap-around design. The shape and configuration of the handle enhance the flexibility of the samurai swords and make them easy to manipulate.


High carbon steels

are used extensively to design Samurai Wakizashi because of the properties that make them highly resistant to corrosion and rust. Additionally, the metal is hard enough to resist drilling holes but soft enough to be able to withstand the impact of cutting instruments. This property enables the wakizashi to be made into several different forms, such as the shikibuton (which is longer and heavier) and tanto (which is shorter and lighter). The various styles of wakizashi were designed to have different ways of opening. One of the most popular forms of Samurai Wakizashi, which uses a double-edged blade, is known as the “Horse sword”.


Historically, each Samurai family had a backup weapon

In addition to the primary weapon, each family member carried a tanto. While riding a horse, a samurai would use the tank to ward off attackers. In the same manner, the tank could also be utilized to ward off attackers when using the Samurai Wakizashi. The weapon was kept hidden inside the tanto, which could then be carried concealed within the folds and trinkets of the tanto, making it difficult to detect or foil.


Historically, Samurai warriors would take part in many duels

to test each other’s skills. A match or two would usually last an entire day or more, with the Samurai dueling with his opponent until one side was defeated. To ascertain whose Samurai sword was the most effective, the warriors would try to swing it between themselves, knocking their opponents out cold with the sheer force of the swing. When it came time for the Samurai to choose a master, he would take a liking to the strongest blade he had not yet tempered, which is why there are many strong samurai swords to this day.

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