What You Should Know About Choosing The Healthiest Baby Formula

What is in the typical baby formula today?

Artificial flavors, coloring, and dairy products that are definitely not good for newborn baby are part of what is in many of these formulas. In addition to soy, milk, and other dairy products that are certainly not good for young baby, there is the possibility of having formula that becomes contaminated later on and will then be recalled later on because of the fact that it was tainted. Therefore, choosing the right formula for your newborn child is an extremely important decision that a family will have to make.

One thing to look for in a healthy baby formula is one that has been certified as meeting both the USPYB and GLP regulations as set forth by the Joint Commission on Infant and Children. The Joint Commission on Infant and Children sets forth the regulations for different products based on their classification systems. In essence, there are three stages of product regulation in this country. The first two stages are stages one and two. Both the USPYB and GLP regulations are applicable to foods and dietary supplements, respectively.

first two stages are stages one and two

The next two stages are stage three and four. With food products, the Healthy Baby Formula stage three requirements require that ingredients be derived from plant sources and that they be protein sources. In the case of liquids, the ingredients have to be derived from plant sources and they have to be at a minimum of twenty percent protein. Since the goal of most healthy baby formulas is to provide protein for infants, it is important to note that in most cases, companies that have their product certified as meeting stage three or four will have the benefits of being able to market their product as having been proven through scientific research to provide protein to humans through consumption.

There are a few exceptions to this requirement for liquids. For example, coconut milk and other milk alternatives do not meet this requirement due to their inclusion of the vegetable oil that is derived from plants. One of the most common and readily available plant-based proteins is whey. It would make sense that if you were looking for a healthy baby formula, that you would choose one that contains whey. Companies that use whey as an ingredient in their products do not necessarily have a problem meeting the additional criteria of being plant-based.

need for vitamins and minerals

While most people think of the need for vitamins and minerals when it comes to choosing the healthiest baby formula available, there are also other considerations that should be taken into consideration. Some of the safest and most effective formulas on the market do not contain artificial flavors and colors. Even the natural, plant-based proteins that are contained in these products do not contain artificial flavoring. Most people do not realize that allergies can develop from exposure to artificial ingredients in so-called healthy formulas. In fact, the most common allergies and the most serious of them include nut allergies, peanut allergies and egg allergies.

Fortunately, you do have options that will ensure that your infant receives only the healthiest baby formula on the market. If you would rather choose a safer alternative for your child’s future, check out the Alli infant formula line. The company has worked hard to ensure that it does not use any artificial preservatives or allergens. All of the ingredients used in Alli are completely natural. This makes it the only healthiest baby formula on the market that also offers protein and calcium needed by infants.

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